19 Celebrities who have June 16 birthdays

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Park Bo-gum

June 16 marks the birthdate of a diverse group of individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields, from entertainment and sports to music and online content creation. This article delves into the lives and achievements of these celebrities, exploring their impact on popular culture and beyond.

Jonah Marais (June 16, 1998)

Jonah Marais, born in Stillwater, Minnesota, is a member of the pop boy band Why Don’t We. Since their formation in 2016, Why Don’t We has garnered a dedicated fan base and released several successful singles and albums. Marais’ charismatic presence and vocal talent have contributed significantly to the band’s appeal. Songs like “8 Letters” and “What Am I” highlight his vocal prowess and the group’s harmonious blend.

Isaak Presley (June 16, 2002)

Isaak Presley, born in Los Angeles, California, is an actor and singer known for his roles in Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle and the Netflix series Fuller House. Presley began his career at a young age, showcasing his versatility in both acting and music. His role as Ethan Diaz in Stuck in the Middle brought him widespread recognition, and he continues to engage with his fans through social media and his music.

Charlie Bushnell (June 16, 2004)

Charlie Bushnell, born in Los Angeles, California, is an up-and-coming actor known for his role as Bobby Cañero-Reed in the Disney+ series Diary of a Future President. Bushnell’s performance has been praised for its authenticity and charm, making him a standout in the series. His promising career is one to watch as he continues to take on new and exciting roles.

Anna Cathcart (June 16, 2003)

Anna Cathcart, born in Vancouver, Canada, is an actress best known for her roles in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before film series and the Disney Channel series Descendants. Cathcart’s portrayal of Kitty Covey in the Netflix film series earned her critical acclaim and a strong fan following. Her performance in Descendants as Dizzy Tremaine further showcased her talent and versatility as a young actress.

Justin Jefferson (June 16, 1999)

Justin Jefferson, born in St. Rose, Louisiana, is a professional football player who plays as a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL. Jefferson quickly made a name for himself in his rookie season, breaking several records and earning a Pro Bowl selection. His agility, speed, and precise route-running have established him as one of the most promising young talents in the league.

Amberry (June 16, 1996)

Amberry, born Amber Lovato in the United States, is a popular YouTuber and online content creator known for her engaging and entertaining videos on platforms like Roblox. Her channel features a variety of content, including gameplay, tutorials, and challenges, attracting a large and loyal following. Amberry’s creativity and connection with her audience have made her a prominent figure in the online gaming community.

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Jürgen Klopp (June 16, 1967)

Jürgen Klopp, born in Stuttgart, Germany, is a highly respected football manager and former player, currently managing Liverpool FC. Known for his charismatic personality and innovative tactics, Klopp has led Liverpool to significant successes, including winning the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. His leadership and ability to inspire his team have earned him admiration from fans and peers alike.

Camila Morrone (June 16, 1997)

Camila Morrone, born in Los Angeles, California, is a model and actress who has gained attention for her work in both the fashion and film industries. Morrone has appeared in films such as Death Wish (2018) and Mickey and the Bear (2019), earning praise for her performances. As a model, she has graced the covers of major magazines and worked with renowned fashion brands, establishing herself as a multifaceted talent.

Brandon Armstrong (June 16, 1990)

Brandon Armstrong, born in San Francisco, California, is a professional dancer and choreographer known for his appearances on Dancing with the Stars. Armstrong’s dynamic and innovative choreography has captivated audiences, and his performances with various celebrity partners have been highly praised. His passion for dance and ability to connect with his partners make him a standout figure in the dance community.

Lauren Taylor (June 16, 1998)

Lauren Taylor, born in Littleton, Colorado, is an actress and singer best known for her role as Shelby in the Disney Channel series Best Friends Whenever. Taylor’s bubbly personality and acting skills made her a favorite among young audiences. In addition to her acting career, Taylor is a talented singer, having released several singles that showcase her vocal abilities.

HoneyBoat (June 16, 1995)

HoneyBoat, born as Heather Smith in the United States, is a popular YouTuber and online content creator known for her humorous and relatable videos. Her channel features a mix of vlogs, skits, and lifestyle content, resonating with a wide audience. HoneyBoat’s genuine and down-to-earth approach has endeared her to fans, making her a beloved figure in the YouTube community.

Adam Ray (June 16, 1982)

Adam Ray, born in Seattle, Washington, is a comedian, actor, and podcast host known for his work in stand-up comedy and various film and television roles. Ray has appeared in movies like The Heat (2013) and TV shows such as MADtv. His comedic talent and quick wit have made him a favorite in the comedy circuit. Additionally, his podcast About Last Night has garnered a loyal following, featuring interviews with celebrities and comedians.

Laurie Metcalf (June 16, 1955)

Laurie Metcalf, born in Carbondale, Illinois, is an acclaimed actress known for her work in television, film, and theater. Metcalf gained widespread recognition for her role as Jackie Harris on the long-running TV series Roseanne, earning multiple Emmy Awards. Her extensive theater work includes a Tony Award-winning performance in A Doll’s House, Part 2. Metcalf’s versatility and depth as an actress have made her a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

John Newman (June 16, 1990)

John Newman, born in Settle, England, is a singer-songwriter known for his powerful voice and hit singles like “Love Me Again” and “Feel the Love”. Newman’s music blends elements of soul, pop, and electronic, creating a distinctive sound that has resonated with audiences worldwide. His debut album Tribute (2013) received critical acclaim and commercial success, establishing him as a prominent artist in the music industry.

Park Bo-gum (June 16, 1993)

Park Bo-gum, born in Seoul, South Korea, is a celebrated actor and singer known for his roles in popular Korean dramas such as Love in the Moonlight and Reply 1988. Park’s charismatic screen presence and acting range have earned him a dedicated fan base and numerous awards. His contributions to the Korean entertainment industry have made him one of the most influential actors of his generation.

Missy Peregrym (June 16, 1982)

Missy Peregrym, born in Montreal, Canada, is an actress known for her roles in TV series such as Rookie Blue and FBI. Peregrym’s performances have been praised for their authenticity and emotional depth, making her a standout in the television landscape. Her role as Andy McNally in Rookie Blue garnered critical acclaim and established her as a leading actress in crime drama series.

Kendra Sunderland (June 16, 1995)

Kendra Sunderland, born in Salem, Oregon, is an adult film actress and model who gained notoriety for her online content. Sunderland’s bold and unapologetic approach to her career has earned her a significant following and recognition within the industry. Her influence extends beyond adult entertainment, as she advocates for body positivity and the empowerment of women in the industry.

Juanse Laverde (June 16, 2004)

Juanse Laverde, born in Colombia, is a singer and social media personality known for his participation in the Colombian version of The Voice Kids. Laverde’s impressive vocal talent and charming personality have made him a beloved figure among fans. His performances on the show and subsequent music releases have showcased his potential as a rising star in the Latin music scene.

Pontus Rasmusson (June 16, 1998)

Pontus Rasmusson, born in Sweden, is a singer, songwriter, and social media influencer known for his pop music and engaging online content. Rasmusson’s catchy songs and charismatic presence have earned him a large following on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. His ability to connect with his audience through music and social media has established him as a prominent figure in the pop music landscape.


These celebrities born on June 16, have made significant impacts in their respective fields, contributing to the rich tapestry of entertainment, sports, music, and online content creation. Their talents and achievements continue to inspire and influence new generations, solidifying their legacies as prominent figures in popular culture.

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